Tides // ThePoetryofMichael

Brought to life through film, Tides is a poem about finding beauty and stillness; of falling back into oneself and emerging as everything. // Poetry: Michael Mejia (FB: ThePoetryOfMichael) Film: Austin Harris ([email protected]) Music: Andrew Flores (IG: @the.andrew.flores) Contributing Vision: Shongi Milcah Motsi Talent: Kallie Downing & Josh Stumberg
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The Light of the Star // ThePoetryofMichael & Miss Prissy

The Light of the Star embodies the arduous journey of the oppressed through dance. Using paint as symbol, professional Krump dancer Miss Prissy interprets these struggles in vibrant color. ✨ Poetry by Michael Mejia ✨ Music by Darien Staxx and Hb R Reid. Special thank you to Dani Stalnaker, Marsha Valencia, Landon Naomi Olagü, and Israel Ron!
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The Drum // ThePoetryofMichael

A film by Austin Randolph Harris & Mike Mejia. The Drum is a short film illuminating our journey through longing, suffering, and balance, as we return to the source of all things.
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